Apple's iOS9 Update And How Ad Blocker Extensions Will Affect PPC Advertisers

Ad Blocker download 560 w

Apple’s iOS9 was launched yesterday, September 17, 2015 – bringing with it big changes to PPC advertising. The latest software update offers new multitasking features, a more proactive Siri, and improvements to overall device performance, battery life and security. Ever-changing the way we interact with our personal devices, Apple claim “You’ll wonder how you ever […] Read More →

Instagram Turns On Advertising API

Instagram is now offering digital marketers another advertising vehicle, after the Facebook-owned photo-sharing app turned on its advertising API last week. The popular app could well have the credentials to rival Google and Twitter for online ad spend, according to some industry analysts. eMarketer has forecast the app could generate $595 million in ad revenue […] Read More →

Bing Launches Native Ads in Beta

Bing Native Ads 1

Bing is expanding its ad reach beyond search. Bing Ads launched Bing Native Ads on beta yesterday, July 20, 2015, with the aim of expanding Bing Ads to target user intent even outside search. According to Raj Kapoor, senior director of mobile and local search at Bing, the most powerful intent signals on the web […] Read More →

How To Protect Your Bing Ads Account from Phishing

bing ads phishing 1

Bing Ads has issued a phishing warning to users following an increase in phishing targeting Bing Ads using Google Search. Tejas Gowda, programme manager at Bing Ads, provided his advice on how to prevent attacks in a blog post on July 10. According to Gowda, the top sponsored result on the Google SERPs for queries […] Read More →

Are You Ready for Upgraded URLs?

The countdown is on to move your AdWords account over to Upgraded URLs. Google announced the new system in February, with a roll-out on July 1, 2015. Are you ready for the change? Sarah McCay takes you through the steps to ensure your campaign continues seamlessly According to Google, the new Upgraded URLs offer a […] Read More →

How to Set Automated Rules for Bing Ads

Bing Automated 1

Sarah McCay takes you through the process of setting account automations using the new Automated Rules feature from Bing The holiday season is fast approaching, but in addition to setting your ‘Out of Office’ response on your email, what other innovative automations can you put in place to ensure things run smoothly in your absence? […] Read More →

Match Point – Modified Broad Match Vs Phrase Match

How do you know what keyword match types will garner the best results out of your AdWords campaign? And what really IS the difference between modified broad and phrase match? Sam Thomas takes a closer look at the two keyword types. Keywords come in various guises – exact, phrase match, modified broad and broad match. […] Read More →

Google AdWords Country-Restricted Content: The Ultimate Cheat Sheet

Want to use AdWords to advertise your services abroad? Use our country-by-country cheat sheet to check if you’re likely to face any restrictions, as laid out in Google’s advertising policies. The easiest way to use this cheat sheet is to use the ‘find’ command in your browser to search for the country you’re looking to […] Read More →

Why a PPC #Mobilegeddon Could Be a Good Thing


Since Google’s mobile-friendly algorithm launched last week, keen-eyed advertisers have spotted ‘mobile-friendly’ labels in paid search ads. Does this mean a PPC mobilegeddon is on the way, asks Alison Booth, and if so, might is actually be a good thing? Digital marketing’s pulse is racing, and it’s all because of mobile phones. Launched a week […] Read More →

Dynamic Keyword Insertion – Dos and Don'ts


Heard horror stories about dynamic keyword insertion? Dave Earnshaw explains how this oft-neglected paid search technique can work wonders for the right kind of business – if you follow our advice, that is… Dynamic keyword insertion (DKI) has a bit of a… ‘spotty’ reputation amongst PPC managers. In case you’re unfamiliar with the technique, it’s […] Read More →

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