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Choosing A Bid Option Based On Your AdWords Campaign Goals

Many aspects of PPC marketing are incredibly time consuming – from the perpetual process of optimisation to the mass of monthly reports to be produced at the end of each month. However, Google AdWords’ flexible bidding strategies have proven to be something of a time saver for account managers. Here, PPC account executive Anisha Birdi […] Read More →

How To Determine Whether Your Adwords Ads Are Cost-Effective

Google recommends three steps for determining whether an AdWords campaign is cost-effective. The first is to define advertising objectives. The second refers to cost and quality; whilst the third encourages pay-per-click (PPC) account managers to identify and understand what sort of return on investment (ROI) they are making. Advertising Objectives To succeed in PPC marketing, […] Read More →

Pausing Keywords In PPC Accounts – When Is It Appropriate?

Much to the dismay of pay-per-click (PPC) account managers, official Google AdWords advice on the topic of pausing keywords is somewhat limited. Why should keywords be paused? When should they be resumed? What effect does a paused keyword have on Quality Score? Pause or Delete? The difference between pausing and deleting keywords is predominantly symbolic. […] Read More →

How to PPC: Ways to decrease your CPA

Though an incredibly popular and beneficial form of Internet marketing, the success of PPC campaigns can sometimes prove difficult to measure. However, a PPC tool, like BidCops, which generates detailed reports in approximately half a minute, presents campaign managers with all kinds of PPC data. Performance metrics such as clicks, impressions and cost are displayed […] Read More →

How to PPC: How PPC experts can save you money

Advertising spend ought to be controlled at the best of times, let alone at the worst. The downturn threatens the survival of all businesses, many of which had grown too fast during the boom years leading up to 2007. Though online firms appear to be outperforming those on the high street, website owners must not […] Read More →

Tips to save time on PPC reports

Much to the frustration of advertisers and campaign managers, generating PPC reports can be a laborious, time-consuming task. In the early days of PPC advertising, reports were generated manually and many experts still rely on spread sheet applications, such as Microsoft Excel, and specific formulas to generate graphs, charts and tables. Clients may be happy […] Read More →

Top three tips to avoid a depleted daily budget

Running out of funds on a pay-per-click campaign can be incredibly frustrating for an account manager. Due to the ebb and flow of clicks and impressions, budget allocation can fluctuate over time. AdWords budgets can run out of money at the most inopportune of moments – i.e. the ones when they’re desperately required most. However, […] Read More →

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