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Google Shopping Campaigns For PLAs – An Initial View

Google Shopping Campaigns

Back in October, Google announced a new campaign type with the promise of making it easier for PPC account managers to manage Product Listing Ads (PLAs). ClickThrough Marketing’s senior PPC account executive Joe Farley has begun to see the impact of these changes in the past month or so. Here, he looks at whether the […] Read More →

Planning For A Seasonal Christmas PPC Campaign

The trees and decorations have gone up, and the mad rush for gifts is well underway – Christmas is now just around the corner. However, it’s far enough away to create a seasonal Christmas pay-per-click marketing campaign. Here, PPC account executive, Joe Farley, looks at the things PPC account managers should do before launching a […] Read More →

Choosing A Bid Option Based On Your AdWords Campaign Goals

Many aspects of PPC marketing are incredibly time consuming – from the perpetual process of optimisation to the mass of monthly reports to be produced at the end of each month. However, Google AdWords’ flexible bidding strategies have proven to be something of a time saver for account managers. Here, PPC account executive Anisha Birdi […] Read More →

A Beginner's Guide To Enhanced Sitelinks Within Google AdWords

Rolled out as part of the recent Google AdWords enhanced campaigns update, enhanced sitelinks have already had quite an impact on the working lives of many a PPC advertiser – for the better too. Here, paid search manager, Alison Booth, takes a closer look at the beneficial aspects of enhanced sitelinks. Originally launched by Google […] Read More →

Three Mistakes To Avoid When Planning Seasonal PPC Campaigns

With winter fast approaching, many PPC advertisers are already planning their AdWords campaigns for seasonal products, the festive holidays and the inevitable winter sales. Here, senior PPC account executive, Joe Farley, examines some of the mistakes commonly made by marketers planning seasonal PPC marketing campaigns. Good planning is absolutely key in pay per click marketing. […] Read More →

Improving Your Ad Positions In AdWords

Ad position in Google AdWords is obviously very important. But what constitutes a good position and how can a sub-optimal position be improved? Top, Side and Bottom An ad that has a number-one position can load above and at the bottom of Google’s organic search results. But because they’re displayed in the top position users […] Read More →

AdWords Basics: What Is Reach?

Even experienced pay-per-click (PPC) account managers seek Google AdWords help on certain subjects. Knowing which tools or features to activate, how to use them effectively and what benefits can be derived from them requires expert knowledge in some cases. One example of an AdWords service that can cause confusion among account managers is Reach, which […] Read More →

The Holy Grail of AdWords

Beginners to the world of pay-per-click (PPC) advertising are not always prepared for the level and intensity of competition over ad positions, but they soon realise that coasting to the top of search results pages won’t be easy. Objective Complete beginners should obtain Google AdWords help from PPC experts before creating a campaign. Although the […] Read More →

Getting to Grips With Language Targeting in AdWords

Pay-per-click (PPC) beginners often require Google AdWords help with language targeting, which lets account managers display ads in different languages. How does the feature work and how can it be put to good use? What Is Language Targeting? Language targeting ensures that ads are targeted to users in their native or chosen language. AdWords cannot […] Read More →

AdWords Basics: Improving Your Choice of Keywords

Beginners to Google AdWords can be forgiven for assuming that the task of setting up a pay-per-click (PPC) campaign is easy. In truth, it is easy. Google makes life quite simple for those who are new to the game. But setting up a successful campaign requires a little more effort than loading a PPC tool, […] Read More →

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