Two Benefits of the AdWords Traffic Estimator


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Traffic Estimator is a popular Google AdWords tool that can help pay-per-click (PPC) account managers change the focus or direction of campaigns.

The program works by estimating the performance of bids and keywords in test campaigns.

Based on actual data, Traffic Estimator provides account managers with a reliable insight into the performance of different ad groups.

Listed below are just two benefits of using Google’s Traffic Estimator.

1. Estimate Performance

The main purpose of Traffic Estimator is to estimate the performance of a hypothetical campaign.

Account managers cannot usually afford to experiment with keywords and bids without restriction.

AdWords campaigns must be managed sensibly, especially if clients are concerned about the amount of money they spend on PPC advertising.

But AdWords campaigns must also generate sufficient returns, which are difficult to assess objectively if account managers are unable to test different bids and keywords.

Traffic Estimator solves this problem to a large extent.

This free PPC tool provides account managers with the means to evaluate the performance of campaigns in a test environment. Traffic Estimator uses historical and recent data to ensure that estimated results are as reliable as possible.

The program highlights what might succeed or fail, enabling account managers to make informed alterations to draft campaigns.

Traffic Estimator calculates performance using several metrics, including impressions, clicks, click-through rate, cost, average position and cost-per-click (taken as an average).

Figures are not necessarily precise, nor should they be for what is essentially a simulation of hypothetical bids and keywords, but they are undoubtedly useful.

In summary, the program lets account managers experiment with different bids and keywords at no cost in order to improve the performance of future campaigns.

2. Create a Structured Draft Campaign

The second major benefit of Traffic Estimator is the way in which the program allows account managers to organise draft campaigns.

Traffic Estimator supports multiple ad group generation, so a draft campaign can be structured in much the same way as a live campaign.

The performance of keywords can be assessed more effectively by creating a well-structured draft campaign.

Another feature of Traffic Estimator is that draft campaigns can be easily added to live accounts, thereby enabling account managers to test entire campaigns before going live.

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