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Frequently Asked Questions

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Your BidCops mysteries solved here.

These are the most frequently asked questions regarding BidCops. If you have a question that you can’t find the answer to, or you think there is something important missing, please contact us straight away. Please click on a question to reveal the answer.


1. What is BidCops?

BidCops is a free PPC reporting tool, designed to provide Google AdWords help to grips with pay per click advertising: from paid search beginners to seasoned PPC managers. It connects to your Google AdWords account and at a click of a button, BidCops gathers key reporting data from Google AdWords, and collates it into 12 separate reports which are easy to use, but full of in-depth information. BidCops identifies any potential areas of budget wastage, and helps to identify any hidden pitfalls in your AdWords account.

2. How does BidCops access the data from Google AdWords?

BidCops has been approved by the Google AdWords API (Application Programming Interface) team. When you create a BidCops account, you are asked to grant permission so BidCops can gather data from your Google AdWords account via the Google API. BidCops then uses this to gather the data needed in real-time to produce the report.

3. What is the best way of getting in touch?

Call the BidCops team on (+1) 646-513-2702 (0844 802 6243 in the UK), or drop us an email at

4. What browsers is BidCops compatible with?

In order to provide the best product possible, BidCops has been developed to be compatible with the following browser versions:

Firefox (15 and above)
Chrome (21 and above)
IE (8+)
Safari (5.1+)
Opera (12+)

You can use BidCops on older versions of the stated browsers but full compatibility is not guaranteed.

5. How secure is BidCops?

All data is completely secure within BidCops. We use Google’s own authentication systems, which mean we never know your passwords. We don’t pass your details onto anyone else, either. Our servers use high-grade, 256-bit SSL encryption using AES-256 and are SSL verified by AlphaSSL, a Globalsign company.

Our hosting and datacenter security features include:

  • Dedicated Cisco Firewall protection.
  • 24-hour security patrols watching over the facility.
  • CCTV monitoring and recording of all activity.
  • Electronic card entry preventing unauthorised access.

6. Do I need any software installed to run BidCops?

No, BidCops is entirely web-based. All you need to do is subscribe!

7. How do I get my free call with an AdWords Qualified consultant?

As soon as you sign up to BidCops you are entitled to a free call with an AdWords Qualified consultant about your BidCops reports. Just contact us on (+1) 646-513-2702 (0844 802 6243 in the UK) and we’ll arrange a convenient time and date for the call.

If you want general PPC or Google AdWords advice, management or training, it’s best to contact ClickThrough Marketing.

BidCops Reporting

1. Does BidCops look at every element of my Google AdWords account?

The data contained in your BidCops audit is based on keywords with spend on Google's Search Network. Elements of your account, such as Display Network and Product Listings, are not included.

2. How do I run BidCops on more than one Google AdWords account?

In the current version of BidCops, you can only run reports on one Google AdWords account per BidCops subscription.

3. Why can’t I run a report which includes today?

There is a 24hr delay on data collection to ensure that your Google AdWords account is completely up-to-date before you run a report and take action.

4. How many reports can I run per month?

You can run up to five reports per month.

5. What is the maximum date period I can run a report for?

BidCops can access data from up to the last 18 months, but the maximum time period you can run a report on is three months.

6. Can I run a BidCops reports on my Bing Ads account?

BidCops is currently a Google AdWords-only reporting tool. We may incorporate Bing/Yahoo and other search engines in the future.

7. How does BidCops differ from the Google AdWords reporting tool?

BidCops has been created to simplify, and streamline, the reporting process. If you were to try re-create the depth of BidCops’ report data using Google AdWords reports, it would take days to complete.

8. How long does it take to run a BidCops report?

BidCops will produce a report on a Google Adwords account within 60 seconds (depending on the size of the account and the date period selected).

9. Can BidCops handle Google AdWords accounts in foreign languages?

Yes, BidCops can handle Google AdWords in any language and currency.

10. Will BidCops work if I use a third party company for conversion tracking?

BidCops only currently works with the conversion data of Google AdWords tracking. If you don’t have any AdWords conversion tracking set up, BidCops will still work, but will not produce data for the conversion-related elements of the report.

11. Should I remove any keywords that aren’t generating conversions?

Each section of the report provides you with detailed information - considerations to look at, before taking action. It is important not to look at a keyword in isolation. Review it first within AdWords or Analytics to see if it has assisted in any conversions. This data is not currently available from within BidCops - but we are hoping to include this in future releases. You should also consider if the keywords are generating phone leads or sales. Consider implementing phone call tracking to fully understand the consumer-buying journey.

12. Why don't I have Impression Share data in my report?

On 1st October 2012 Google announced that they would be making improvements to the AdWords impression share (IS) reporting in early November. These improvements also meant permanent loss of the historical data within an AdWords account before 1st October 2012. This means when running BidCops reports:

  • If your report date range is before 1st October 2012 then this section of the report will not be produced as no data is available.
  • If your report date range starts before 1st October 2012, but ends after 1st October 2012, the data will only be that from the 1st October 2012 onwards.
  • If your report date range is entirely after 1st October 2012 then all data will be included.


1. Are you sure BidCops is free?

BidCops is a 100% free automated PPC tool. It’s free to use for as long as you need it.

2. Can I change the Google AdWords account that BidCops is connected to?

No. Once it is connected, the Google AdWords account cannot be changed. If you have connected to an AdWords account by mistake, please contact and if no previous reports have been run, we will be happy to change the account. If reports have been run, you will need to create a new subscription, under a different email address, and cancel your previous subscription.

3. Once I've connected my AdWords account, am I able to disconnect it?

Absolutely. If for whatever reason you no longer want BidCops to access your data, you can revoke access via your Google account settings.

4. Can I request new features and enhancements?

It is extremely important to the team here at BidCops that we listen to the market and our subscribers. Please use the contact form to send in your feedback, features and enhancements suggestions.  These will be reviewed as part of our product development process, and we hope they will make the cut for our product road map.

Free - instant access
  • Get more sales with the same budget
  • Find wastage and take action today
  • 100% secure and 100% effective
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