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BidCops™: Patrolling Paid Search

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PPC insights in under 30 seconds.

Easy-to-understand PPC reports

  • See in-depth Google AdWords analysis in less than a minute
  • Get clear, detailed PPC reports in seconds
  • Quickly review AdWords spend, conversions and keyword visibility

Best practice AdWords advice recommendations

  • Includes advice from Google AdWords experts to help your analysis
  • Clear, practical explanations of each data set
  • Suggestions for actions to take to improve PPC performance

For PPC managers and pay per click beginners

  • Quickly see wasted money and identify areas to maximise budget
  • Save days on data collection and analysis
  • Reinvest time into optimising your paid search accounts

Weeks of reporting data in one place

  • Compare quarter-on-quarter and year-on-year PPC performance
  • Track your traffic potential, without leaving the dashboard
  • View all historical PPC reports in one place

Review the evidence

Each BidCops report contains information on 12 crucial Google AdWords metrics – in clear, easy-to-understand graphs and tables. We’ve provided descriptions of what each piece of data means, alongside best practice recommendations from Google AdWords to help you make sense of the statistics.

Exhibit A: Google AdWords Account-Level Statistics

When BidCops generates a detailed PPC performance summary, it provides an overview showing your AdWords impressions, clicks, clickthrough rate, cost per click, overall cost, average position, conversions, conversion rate and cost per acquisition.

Exhibit B: PPC Budget Spending Split

This graph clearly shows how much you have spent on keywords without conversions – highlighting potential budget wastage – as well as your spend on keywords which did convert.

Exhibit C: PPC Conversions by Keyword

Quickly see the number of keywords failing to convert in your AdWords account, alongside those which have driven sales or leads.

Exhibit D: Top Converting Keywords in Google AdWords

See the best 25 keywords in your account, and how many conversions they achieved. We’ve included lots of best practice recommendations to help guide how you act on this data.

Exhibit E: AdWords keywords with spend but no conversions

BidCops hunts down the keywords you pay for, but which fail to convert. There may be several reasons why: so we’ve given guidance to help you discover why keywords aren’t working, so you can make the right decisions on how to improve your AdWords account.

Exhibit F: Percentage Budget by Match Type

By showing how your budget is spent on different match types, you can clearly see your options to boost conversions and better control your budget.

Exhibit G: Number of Clicks by Match Type

This graphic clearly shows the number of clicks your PPC ads are receiving, so you can decide how to split your budget on broad match, exact, phrase or broad modified keywords.

Exhibit H: Cost per Acquisition by Match Type

CPA is a key metric for PPC – the less it costs for you to acquire a click, the more profitable AdWords becomes. This shows how much your account has spent on acquisitions across each of the four match types, and suggests ways to control your spending.

Exhibit I: Quality Score by Keyword

Quality Score is one of the most important metrics for PPC. A high quality score decreases your AdWords costs. BidCops hunts down keywords with a poor Quality Score, so you can see where action is needed to improve your clickthrough rate, and in turn, your Quality Score.

Exhibit J: Number of Active Text Ads per Ad Group

There are different ways to use PPC advertising. Text ads include a short summary of the product or service you are selling. This graph shows how many text ads appear in each of your ad groups. Increasing the number of ads, or the quality of the text ad, may help improve your clickthrough rates.

Exhibit K: Average Keyword Position

Understanding where your PPC text ads are displayed in the search results can be a crucial way to improve your AdWords performance. This graph shows the average positions reached by your PPC keywords.

Exhibit L: Impression Share by Campaign

This provides vital insight into how many times your ads have been displayed to searchers, compared to the how many times they could have been shown based on the total number of searches. We’ve included guidance about how to control impression share for your most important keywords.

Exhibit M: Position 1 Bid Headroom

Discover the gap between your maximum, and average, costs per click. By closing the gap, you can get better control of your PPC budget.

Free - instant access
  • Get more sales with the same budget
  • Find wastage and take action today
  • 100% secure and 100% effective
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It's completely free