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What’s the Ideal Keyword Position for PPC Ads on Google?

The position of your PPC ads on Google’s SERPs will play a critical role in determining the success of each campaign – because click-through rates and conversions very much depend on how particular keywords dictate the location of your posting. Before you go about optimising an ad with a view to putting it in a Read More →

Five Tips for Better Budgeting in Google AdWords

Trying to pin down the correct budget for a pay-per-click campaign is often seen as one of the great mysteries of life. Or perhaps just one of the great mysteries of online marketing. Either way, determining a solid balance between searches, getting new traffic, and not going broke is no easy math problem. This becomes Read More →

Managing Top Traffic Keywords in Google AdWords

When managing high-traffic keywords you need to take into account that, because of their popularity, you will probably have to bear a substantial cost by association. High-traffic keywords necessarily generate a lot of clicks, which, in a PPC AdWords campaign can quickly eat into your budget. Effective control of these terms is necessary to give Read More →

Why Automating PPC Reports Will Save Money

With all the talk about budget cuts, money saving tactics, and downsizing in this age of austerity, the thought of saving as much cash as possible is now at the forefront of many business minds. Whether or not employees come with a background in penny pinching, learning to get the most out of a budget Read More →

Top Five PPC Tips for Beginners

When breaking into a pay-per-click (or PPC) campaign, the number of stats, tactics, and guidelines can be downright overwhelming. Articles across the web will tell users when to up their efforts, the time of day to post, and more. For PPC beginners, this information can not only be unhelpful, it can keep them from starting Read More →

The BidCops PPC Tool – save time and money on Google AdWords

Welcome to BidCops – the PPC tool from ClickThrough Marketing designed to save you time and money on Google AdWords. BidCops makes PPC reporting easy. For PPC managers, it helps cut down the arduous task of poring over days of data to produce meaningful reports. For PPC beginners, it provides detail on the most crucial Read More →

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