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Google Keywords: What kind of AdWords match type are you?

So, now we know more about keyword match types in Google AdWords, and why they are absolutely vital in a pay per click marketing campaign, it’s probably worth looking at why they even exist. If you sell blue shoes, surely customers are smart enough to find your products via Google? Especially if you’re using the […] Read More →

AdWords basics: Why has my campaign exceeded its daily budget?

The AdWords budget – a constant source of questions, adjustments, and finding what to spend – is proving itself even more elusive. The busy and slow days are never consistent, and finding a pattern can be like sifting through a massive haystack for the tiniest of needles. Even the most experienced of pay-per-click campaign managers […] Read More →

Boosting your Quality Score with fresh creatives

In Google AdWords, Quality Score (or QS) has a big impact on how much a company is charged per click on each of its keywords. This can perhaps be most greatly determined by how relevant each keyword or phrase is to the ad text (or creative) or how relevant it is to the term searched. […] Read More →

How to PPC: What's impression share?

Finding a perfect balance is almost an impossible task. From scales, to playground teeter-totters, to the ratios of your impression share (IS) in a PPC campaign, it’s rare to find an unwavering set. Ends are forever swaying, and waiting for a single factor to push it one way or another. But when it comes to […] Read More →

How to PPC: keyword match types

When it comes to running a PPC campaign, your selection of AdWords keyword match types is vital. There are four in total – broad; phrase; exact and broad match modifier – and they all differ significantly. Campaign performance can hinge on your choice of keyword match types. So in order to understand how to run […] Read More →

Finding a PPC reporting tool

It’s incredibly difficult to determine exactly which areas of a pay-per-click campaign on Google could be improved without a good set of reports. These reports, whether painstakingly compiled by a PPC manager over a number of weeks or an automated PPC reporting tool in a matter of minutes, can provide valuable insights, which can then […] Read More →

How to write a PPC hook

For companies of all sizes, customer interaction has long since been an anomaly. No matter what businesses may try, there’s no sure-fire way to get shoppers on board with their brand; at least technically. But that doesn’t mean companies haven’t been trying all the same. From gimmicks, to giveaways, to coupons, to whatever other hair-brained […] Read More →

Revitalising a campaign with PPC reporting tool insights

Like the majority of types of marketing, PPC – or pay-per-click – efforts should be constantly monitored and adjusted. For instance, users’ search methods may change, competitors might alter their ad creatives to better entice clicks, as well as hundreds of other unforeseen online variables – all of which happen on a regular basis and […] Read More →

Top tips to increase your click-through rate when managing AdWords campaigns

The success of a Google AdWords campaign hinges on the CTR (click-through rate) it receives. CTR is more important than some internet marketers realise because Google can actively disable a campaign that generates a CTR of less than 0.05%. The clicks your ad receives, compared to the number of times it is viewed, gives you […] Read More →

How to Use Google AdWords' Search Term Report Effectively

Getting to grips with the STRs (Search Term Reports) in Google AdWords is essential if you want to manage an effective PPC campaign. If you are not seeing the conversion or click-through rates (CTR) that you need to make your ad investment worthwhile, the STRs could contain all the information you need to improve your […] Read More →

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