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Adwords Conversion Tracking – A Helping Hand In the Bid for PPC Glory

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising comprises a series of measurable events that together aim to increase sales, leads or exposure for website owners. Understanding how these events operate can enable campaign managers to adjust settings to maximise results. Impressions show how many times an ad is displayed for a given keyword, providing campaign managers with an idea […] Read More →

How to PPC: Ways to decrease your CPA

Though an incredibly popular and beneficial form of Internet marketing, the success of PPC campaigns can sometimes prove difficult to measure. However, a PPC tool, like BidCops, which generates detailed reports in approximately half a minute, presents campaign managers with all kinds of PPC data. Performance metrics such as clicks, impressions and cost are displayed […] Read More →

How to PPC: Comparing PPC Report Data

Professional PPC campaign managers rely on AdWords reports to communicate results to clients. Although performance can be discussed via email or over the phone, fully inclusive reports provide the facts and figures that clients need to make important decisions. Whether clients can make sense of the data is another matter altogether. Comparisons Require Context A […] Read More →

How to PPC: How PPC experts can save you money

Advertising spend ought to be controlled at the best of times, let alone at the worst. The downturn threatens the survival of all businesses, many of which had grown too fast during the boom years leading up to 2007. Though online firms appear to be outperforming those on the high street, website owners must not […] Read More →

Tips to save time on PPC reports

Much to the frustration of advertisers and campaign managers, generating PPC reports can be a laborious, time-consuming task. In the early days of PPC advertising, reports were generated manually and many experts still rely on spread sheet applications, such as Microsoft Excel, and specific formulas to generate graphs, charts and tables. Clients may be happy […] Read More →

How to PPC: Setting up an AdWords campaign

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising provides website owners with a measurable, cost-effective way to market a product or service online. PPC ads are displayed on the top right-hand side and sometimes bottom of the page when a search query typed into a search engine matches a keyword in an advertiser’s account. For example, if an individual searches […] Read More →

How to PPC: Running reports

Who really has the time to generate, prepare and present Google AdWords reports on a regular basis? Though they’re incredibly insightful, such reports can be time-consuming to prepare manually. PPC professionals are too busy managing campaigns to spend hour after hour collecting data, making sense of statistics and preparing reports in a digestible format for […] Read More →

How to PPC: What are negative keywords?

Inexperienced PPC campaign managers might overlook or disregard the value of negative keywords, while seasoned professionals sometimes rely too heavily on them. But what are negative keywords and why can they be so useful? Negative Keywords AdWords Help provides information to assist with many AdWords related queries, including negative keywords. Google claims that negative keywords […] Read More →

Four tips for handling a large AdWords account

Large Google AdWords campaigns can be a nightmare to manage, especially when a range of keywords are used for a number of clients. But it need not be that way. Provided below are four tips for making large or multiple AdWords accounts more manageable. 1. AdWords Blog The dynamic, fast-changing nature of PPC advertising is […] Read More →

How to PPC: What makes a great PPC landing page?

Empirical evidence suggests that the most recent round of search-engine updates from Google has served to place greater emphasis on the quality and structure of pay-per-click (PPC) landing pages. Website owners understandably spend a great deal of time and effort on PPC advertising campaigns, but how much attention should they pay to the design, layout […] Read More →

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