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An Introduction to Enhanced Campaigns

Enhanced Campaigns is an AdWords feature that was first announced all the way back in February. Now it’s been rolled-out, it’s been greeted by the open arms of many PPC professionals across the land. However, whether or not the freshly introduced feature can really solve all the difficulties associated with managing PPC campaigns may depend […] Read More →

The Curious Case of Disappearing Ad Extensions

Google AdWords allows advertisers to insert ad extensions into the text that is displayed when someone searches for one of their keywords. The extensions can consist of phone numbers, social annotations (e.g., a link to your business’ Google+ page), location information to help customers find your business or links to help visitors get to the […] Read More →

When Should Google's My Client Centre Be Used?

My Client Centre is one of Google’s most useful tools for anyone who runs more than one AdWords account. The interface makes it easy to keep track of all the accounts to which you have access. It features a dashboard that shows the information you need to manage your accounts effectively without having to log […] Read More →

Flexible Bid Strategies – What Are They?

When it comes to PPC, there are many different ways to run a campaign. For some users, their campaigns are specialised enough to be able to monitor the performance of each individual keyword or phrase, whereas some campaigns are huge affairs which just have to reach a certain cost per conversion (CPC) to stay profitable. […] Read More →

ValueTrack – A Valuable Click Attribution PPC Tool?

The ability to get detailed reports on the sources of your conversions is the Holy Grail for many businesses, because it allows them to maximise their advertising spend and identify areas in which their marketing efforts are underperforming. Being able to harness the power of this information helps to optimise campaigns and make decisions that […] Read More →

How Does The Broad Match Modifier Affect Traffic And Clicks?

Five keyword match types are used in Google AdWords: negative match, exact match, phrase match, broad match and broad match modifier. Negative match prevents ads from appearing in search queries that include the specified keywords; for example, if ‘coupons’ is chosen as a regular keyword and ‘free’ as a negative keyword, a user who searches […] Read More →

The Benefits of Broad Match

The official Google AdWords help pages contain plenty of useful information on setting up an account, creating a campaign and organising keywords into ad groups. Google’s help section also provides advice on how to select keywords, which can prove difficult for beginners to pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. One of the main difficulties associated with keywords is […] Read More →

Five PPC Mistakes to Avoid Like the Plague

Beginners to pay-per-click (PPC) advertising often seek Google AdWords advice on how to set up a successful campaign. More often than not, they want to know how to get it right. But sometimes the focus should be on how not to get it wrong. Learning from the mistakes of others is arguably the quickest way […] Read More →

The Benefits of Exact Match

The basics of pay-per-click (PPC) advertising ought not to confuse beginners. Though Google AdWords help may be sought on more advanced topics, most account managers should be able to work out how to create a campaign, set up an ad group and add one or two keywords. They should also know that ads may appear […] Read More →

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