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Landing Page Alterations to Lead You to Conversion Success

When you run a search marketing account, it can seem as though everything is very scientific, with a wealth of numbers and statistics about your account at your fingertips and everything focused on the figures. However, the elements of creativity which affect the way your account runs can be the most important when it comes […] Read More →

Lacking AdWords Inspiration? Utilise the Opportunities Tab

Slogging away over an AdWords account can sap your inspiration, adding what seems like millions of near identical keywords and creating ads which require the scrupulous attention to detail needed to stick within the character limits. Anyone who has found themselves staring at their screen and wondering how to muster the enthusiasm to create a […] Read More →

PPC Basics: Measuring the Traffic Generated By Your Ads

One of the key benefits of using Google AdWords to market your business online is the sheer volume of data that you can glean from results. However, this is only useful if you actually understand what each metric means. You must be able to interpret the information to give yourself a better understanding of how […] Read More →

Google AdWords Account Optimisation Errors To Avoid

Optimising your AdWords account can seem like a long process, but there are plenty of important changes you can make which do not require a huge investment of time. Do be careful, however, as implementing such changes can give rise to mistakes, resulting in wasted time, money and perhaps even damaging to your Quality Score. […] Read More →

AdWords Basics: Fixing Disapproved AdWords Ads

Putting together a new AdWords campaign can be a time-consuming process. Researching keywords, working out their various combinations, deciding which match type best suits your business and writing ads to ensure that searchers click through to your site are just some of the steps you must complete to set up an effective campaign. So, when […] Read More →

Locating The Long-Tail Keywords To Lead You To PPC Success

Account managers who appreciate the value of long tail keywords will also know that writing a comprehensive list of them can be a tricky and time-consuming process. There may be some which seem fairly obvious, but it is often those which surprise you that can drive the most traffic to your site, or which could […] Read More →

Strengthening Your Ad Copy to Strengthen Results

Although the criteria for writing ad copy in AdWords can seem restrictive, account managers ought to remember that the quality of content is incredibly important. As one of the factors that contribute to the success of your campaigns, it is vital to make every word count. Although it takes practice to produce succinct ads which […] Read More →

Three Ways to Edit Your AdWords Keyword Bids

Editing your keyword bids can be a long, drawn-out process when you are trying to make adjustments across an entire account, especially if you have a number of campaigns and hundreds of keywords to manage. There are a few ways to make the process easier without running the risk of overlooking something essential or getting […] Read More →

Managing Shared Budgets across Numerous Campaigns in Google AdWords

Managing your budget is such an important part of running an AdWords campaign, but it can often seem like the most difficult to do. The nature of the bidding system means that you can spend drastically different amounts of money at different times of the day, week, month or year. This means that your bidding […] Read More →

The Benefits of Branded PPC Keywords

For the majority of AdWords account managers, the list of potential keywords seems never ending. It may feel as though there are endless permutations of the phrases which drive traffic, but in reality only a small proportion of keywords actually drive qualified traffic. Even for campaigns where conversion isn’t the primary goal, driving traffic that […] Read More →

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