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How To Measure The Impact of A Brand Awareness Campaign On AdWords

Although criminally overlooked by many advertisers for brand awareness purposes, PPC is great for it – especially for SMEs (small-to-medium-sized businesses) and new companies. Here, PPC account executive Anisha Birdi identifies and highlights the elements advertisers could use to measure the impact of a brand awareness campaign within Google AdWords. For new businesses there’s nothing […] Read More →

Three Mistakes To Avoid When Planning Seasonal PPC Campaigns

With winter fast approaching, many PPC advertisers are already planning their AdWords campaigns for seasonal products, the festive holidays and the inevitable winter sales. Here, senior PPC account executive, Joe Farley, examines some of the mistakes commonly made by marketers planning seasonal PPC marketing campaigns. Good planning is absolutely key in pay per click marketing. […] Read More →

PPC Brand Bidding: Can I Bid On Competitor Brand Names as Keywords?

In this week’s post, Bidcops PPC whiz-kid Sam Thomas has some sage Google AdWords PPC advice: tread carefully when it comes to brand bidding! If you’ve ever been on Google, typed your brand name into the search bar, and then gazed in horror as no less than three of your competitors seem to appearing with […] Read More →

The Importance of Impression Share

Should we care about impression share? As BidCops PPC expert Sam Thomas explains, clicks count for a lot, but impression share can reveal a lot about your account too – and provides vital insights for optimisation. If you are running a pay-per-click (PPC) campaign you will no doubt have access to an abundance of information […] Read More →

Checking Your Google AdWords Ads with the Ad Preview Tool

The process of putting together an ad campaign can feel gruelling, even if you use every Google AdWords tool going. The research can feel like a never-ending process, the testing can feel like an exercise in guesswork and the keywords sometimes seem to be too numerous to list. However, one thing you shouldn’t forget to […] Read More →

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