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How to PPC: Your Paid Search Questions Answered – September 2014 Edition

Welcome to a brand-new feature at BidCops. You send us your PPC questions, and our experts put their heads together to find the answers. Here are two conundrums to get us started: What factors affect the rankings of my Google Shopping Campaign ads? Note: Google Shopping Campaigns replaced the old Product Listing Ads (PLAs) campaigns […] Read More →

Apple Watch: How Might Paid Advertising Work on Apple's New Wearable?

The Internet of Things is upon us, and it’s coming to a wrist near you soon. Yes, with the new Apple Watch, the ever-present Californian tech giant has taken technological convergence to its (somewhat) logical conclusion. It’s built a watch that can talk to you, manage your diary, direct you to your next meeting and […] Read More →

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