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Mother's Day PPC: What You Need to Know For March 15

[A note to US readers: ‘Mother’s Day’ in the UK is celebrated on Mothering Sunday, on March 15.  We haven’t lost our minds!] If your business operates in one of the many industries that’s expecting a sales uplift on Mother’s Day, it’s about time you got your PPC prepared. Which industries? Well, Bing recently published […] Read More →

3 Ways PPC Can Improve Your Content Marketing

Many businesses see PPC and content marketing as separate disciplines. However, as Anisha Birdi explains, paid advertising can not only help boost your content’s reach, but can also help your creative team produce better content… 1. Paid Social is Perfect for Passive Content Consumption Paid social advertising is tailor-made for content distribution. Search, not so […] Read More →

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