Bing Launches Native Ads in Beta


Mouse being used to make a conversion

Bing is expanding its ad reach beyond search. Bing Ads launched Bing Native Ads on beta yesterday, July 20, 2015, with the aim of expanding Bing Ads to target user intent even outside search.

According to Raj Kapoor, senior director of mobile and local search at Bing, the most powerful intent signals on the web include:

  • User interest expressed by previous search queries
  • Intent signals from the content of the experience to the user
  • User actions, such as researching products or acting on advertiser sites

Bing Native Ads will combine these intent signals with native experiences to present natural and relevant ad opportunities.

Bing Native Ads example 1

Raj Kapoor said in a blog: “Bing Native Ads is a native offering optimized for search advertisers. Therefore ease of use for search advertiser is a key aspect of the product design.”

Bing Native Ads are fully integrated with standard Bing Ads workflows, with reporting and conversion tracking all available through the Bing Ads platform. According to Bing, the new ad opportunities will deliver good ROI for advertisers leveraging intent signals and algorithms.

Bing Native Ads on MSN

Bing advertisers will be able to couple native ad settings with other targeting and bid boosting capabilities, such as location, device type, time, day and site remarketing.

Bing Native Ads has been initially launched in the US on MSN in beta and will be made broadly available to other markets later this year.

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