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Why a PPC #Mobilegeddon Could Be a Good Thing

Since Google’s mobile-friendly algorithm launched last week, keen-eyed advertisers have spotted ‘mobile-friendly’ labels in paid search ads. Does this mean a PPC mobilegeddon is on the way, asks Alison Booth, and if so, might is actually be a good thing? Digital marketing’s pulse is racing, and it’s all because of mobile phones. Launched a week […] Read More →

Improving Your Ad Positions In AdWords

Ad position in Google AdWords is obviously very important. But what constitutes a good position and how can a sub-optimal position be improved? Top, Side and Bottom An ad that has a number-one position can load above and at the bottom of Google’s organic search results. But because they’re displayed in the top position users […] Read More →

What’s the Ideal Keyword Position for PPC Ads on Google?

The position of your PPC ads on Google’s SERPs will play a critical role in determining the success of each campaign – because click-through rates and conversions very much depend on how particular keywords dictate the location of your posting. Before you go about optimising an ad with a view to putting it in a Read More →

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