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3 Ways BidCops Can Help You Prepare for Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Black Friday is as American as apple pie, right? The big sales rush comes just one day after Thanksgiving, so it’s as tied up in US tradition as turkey and cranberry sauce. Right. But over the last few years, Black Friday, and its digital equivalent Cyber Monday, have been making a big impact here in […] Read More →

Apple Watch: How Might Paid Advertising Work on Apple's New Wearable?

The Internet of Things is upon us, and it’s coming to a wrist near you soon. Yes, with the new Apple Watch, the ever-present Californian tech giant has taken technological convergence to its (somewhat) logical conclusion. It’s built a watch that can talk to you, manage your diary, direct you to your next meeting and […] Read More →

The BidCops PPC Tool – save time and money on Google AdWords

Welcome to BidCops – the PPC tool from ClickThrough Marketing designed to save you time and money on Google AdWords. BidCops makes PPC reporting easy. For PPC managers, it helps cut down the arduous task of poring over days of data to produce meaningful reports. For PPC beginners, it provides detail on the most crucial Read More →

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