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How Can Google's AdWords Campaign Bid Simulator Benefit Account Managers?

Google’s AdWords Campaign Bid Simulator is commonly overlooked by some account managers in PPC marketing. Here, senior PPC account executive, Ian Boyden, looks at just three of the benefits those professionals avoiding using it could miss out on. Last month Google updated its popular Bid Simulator feature, giving it the capability to estimate conversions, as […] Read More →

Managing Shared Budgets across Numerous Campaigns in Google AdWords

Managing your budget is such an important part of running an AdWords campaign, but it can often seem like the most difficult to do. The nature of the bidding system means that you can spend drastically different amounts of money at different times of the day, week, month or year. This means that your bidding […] Read More →

Getting The Best From A Smaller AdWords Budget

All pay-per-click (PPC) advertisers would appreciate a bigger budget, but many are required to work with a relatively small monthly allowance. How can PPC account managers utilise Google AdWords help to maximise the potential of a small Google AdWords budget? Efficiency It may be small, but that does not mean it cannot make an impact. […] Read More →

How To Determine Whether Your Adwords Ads Are Cost-Effective

Google recommends three steps for determining whether an AdWords campaign is cost-effective. The first is to define advertising objectives. The second refers to cost and quality; whilst the third encourages pay-per-click (PPC) account managers to identify and understand what sort of return on investment (ROI) they are making. Advertising Objectives To succeed in PPC marketing, […] Read More →

Shared Budgets In AdWords – How Useful Are They?

Shared budgets in Google AdWords are very useful for pay-per-click (PPC) professionals, especially those who manage large accounts. But not all account managers are aware of the benefits of shared budgets, perhaps in part because Google’s basic description of the service fails to highlight its main qualities. Why Share? Account managers have been taught to […] Read More →

Top three tips to avoid a depleted daily budget

Running out of funds on a pay-per-click campaign can be incredibly frustrating for an account manager. Due to the ebb and flow of clicks and impressions, budget allocation can fluctuate over time. AdWords budgets can run out of money at the most inopportune of moments – i.e. the ones when they’re desperately required most. However, […] Read More →

AdWords basics: Why has my campaign exceeded its daily budget?

The AdWords budget – a constant source of questions, adjustments, and finding what to spend – is proving itself even more elusive. The busy and slow days are never consistent, and finding a pattern can be like sifting through a massive haystack for the tiniest of needles. Even the most experienced of pay-per-click campaign managers […] Read More →

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