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From Product Search to Paid Search: The Evolution of Google Shopping

Google Shopping is now an integral part of most retailers’ paid search strategies, but the service has been on a long journey – and several name changes – to get where it is today. Join Joe Farley as he tracks the evolution of Google’s shopping search service. Beginnings: Craig Nevill-Manning and Froogle By the time […] Read More →

Mother's Day PPC: What You Need to Know For March 15

[A note to US readers: ‘Mother’s Day’ in the UK is celebrated on Mothering Sunday, on March 15.  We haven’t lost our minds!] If your business operates in one of the many industries that’s expecting a sales uplift on Mother’s Day, it’s about time you got your PPC prepared. Which industries? Well, Bing recently published […] Read More →

4 Things You Need to Know About the Boxing Day Sales

With the rise of Cyber Monday and other online shopping days, there are conflicting views about the future of the traditional Boxing Day sales. Copywriter Oliver Pyper digs deeper into the stories to find four key facts you need to know about the post-Christmas sales push. 1. Some people think they’re dead “The Boxing Day […] Read More →

eCommerce PPC Tips: How Sunny Days Can Spell Sales Droughts

Just how far can seasonal optimisation go? For paid search manager Ian Boyden, even sunny weather can affect the way he handles his accounts… Being aware of seasonal sales trends is pretty much the backbone of good eCommerce PPC management. It goes without saying that winter clothes won’t sell as well when the weather’s at […] Read More →

Preparing For The Big Google Shopping Switchover

Poor preparation shows in results – especially when you’re managing an AdWords account. With the Google Shopping Campaigns switchover expected to take place imminently, a good level of early preparation will be absolutely key, as senior PPC account executive Joe Farley highlights in this post. So, we know that Google’s Product Listing Ads (PLAs) service […] Read More →

Google Shopping Campaigns For PLAs – An Initial View

Back in October, Google announced a new campaign type with the promise of making it easier for PPC account managers to manage Product Listing Ads (PLAs). ClickThrough Marketing’s senior PPC account executive Joe Farley has begun to see the impact of these changes in the past month or so. Here, he looks at whether the […] Read More →

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