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Are You Ready for Upgraded URLs?

The countdown is on to move your AdWords account over to Upgraded URLs. Google announced the new system in February, with a roll-out on July 1, 2015. Are you ready for the change? Sarah McCay takes you through the steps to ensure your campaign continues seamlessly According to Google, the new Upgraded URLs offer a […] Read More →

Google AdWords Country-Restricted Content: The Ultimate Cheat Sheet

Want to use AdWords to advertise your services abroad? Use our country-by-country cheat sheet to check if you’re likely to face any restrictions, as laid out in Google’s advertising policies. The easiest way to use this cheat sheet is to use the ‘find’ command in your browser to search for the country you’re looking to […] Read More →

4 Useful AdWords Scripts for PPC Optimisation

Last month, we shared five cool AdWords Scripts you could use to automate some of the most time-consuming reporting tasks. This time round, Alison Booth digs even deeper to find four scripts that let you automate changes based on the weather, stock levels, and even whether flights are delayed at a local airport. 4. Change […] Read More →

9 Ways to Revitalise Your PPC Campaigns in 2015

Are your pay per click advertising campaigns feeling a little tired in 2015? As we set forth into the new year, we show you nine tried-and-tested methods  to put some pizazz back into your PPC. 1. Review your budgets and bids If you’ve celebrated Christmas, you’re likely in a similar position to us – you’re […] Read More →

5 AdWords Scripts to Supercharge PPC Reporting

Make your life easier with these five free reporting scripts, collected by paid search manager Joe Farley. As any PPC manager knows, paid search can become a swamp of admin, optimisation, reporting and other time-consuming processes. It’s all too easy to fall behind on your work if you can’t find ways to speed up repetitive […] Read More →

A Look at Google AdWords' New Bulk Editing Features

We take a quick look at the new bulk editing features in AdWords… Adwords is getting lots of attention from Google at the moment, with several big updates happening over the course of just a few weeks. In late September, ad customisers were unveiled to the world (and we took the opportunity to examine their […] Read More →

4 Free Tools and Resources to Plan a Christmas PPC Campaign

If you haven’t already started planning your Christmas campaigns, now is the time! To help you along, Sam Thomas shares some of our favourite free tools and resources for festive campaign planning… 1. Experian’s 2014 Marketing Trends Calendar This isn’t paid search-specific, but that doesn’t really matter. Experian’s marketing trends calendar is just as useful […] Read More →

Improving Brand Awareness With PPC

In our final post of the year, Anisha Birdi shares some Google AdWords help and advice for increasing brand awareness through PPC. When people think of PPC, they usually think of paid search. This tends to include strong calls to action, and is written in title case in order to garner as many clicks as […] Read More →

When's The Right Time To Pause Or Delete PPC Ads?

There are a number of reasons to pause ads or campaigns when it comes to PPC, but as our latest Google AdWords help blog from PPC expert Alison Booth explains, learning when to pause or delete them is more of a fine art. Pausing or deleting PPC adverts is a lot like the sacking of […] Read More →

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