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Apple's iOS9 Update And How Ad Blocker Extensions Will Affect PPC Advertisers

Apple’s iOS9 was launched yesterday, September 17, 2015 – bringing with it big changes to PPC advertising. The latest software update offers new multitasking features, a more proactive Siri, and improvements to overall device performance, battery life and security. Ever-changing the way we interact with our personal devices, Apple claim “You’ll wonder how you ever […] Read More →

Bing Launches Native Ads in Beta

Bing is expanding its ad reach beyond search. Bing Ads launched Bing Native Ads on beta yesterday, July 20, 2015, with the aim of expanding Bing Ads to target user intent even outside search. According to Raj Kapoor, senior director of mobile and local search at Bing, the most powerful intent signals on the web […] Read More →

How To Protect Your Bing Ads Account from Phishing

Bing Ads has issued a phishing warning to users following an increase in phishing targeting Bing Ads using Google Search. Tejas Gowda, programme manager at Bing Ads, provided his advice on how to prevent attacks in a blog post on July 10. According to Gowda, the top sponsored result on the Google SERPs for queries […] Read More →

How to Set Automated Rules for Bing Ads

Sarah McCay takes you through the process of setting account automations using the new Automated Rules feature from Bing The holiday season is fast approaching, but in addition to setting your ‘Out of Office’ response on your email, what other innovative automations can you put in place to ensure things run smoothly in your absence? […] Read More →

PPC Lead Generation Checklist – 13 Steps to Better Leads

PPC lead gen is an art form. But you don’t need to be a paid search Picasso to get more high-quality leads. Here, AdWords expert Zoe O’Neil shares her tried-and-tested lead generation checklist so you can identify the missing links in your strategy and fix the things that aren’t getting results. Strong calls to action […] Read More →

How to PPC: Your Paid Search Questions Answered – September 2014 Edition

Welcome to a brand-new feature at BidCops. You send us your PPC questions, and our experts put their heads together to find the answers. Here are two conundrums to get us started: What factors affect the rankings of my Google Shopping Campaign ads? Note: Google Shopping Campaigns replaced the old Product Listing Ads (PLAs) campaigns […] Read More →

How To Measure The Impact of A Brand Awareness Campaign On AdWords

Although criminally overlooked by many advertisers for brand awareness purposes, PPC is great for it – especially for SMEs (small-to-medium-sized businesses) and new companies. Here, PPC account executive Anisha Birdi identifies and highlights the elements advertisers could use to measure the impact of a brand awareness campaign within Google AdWords. For new businesses there’s nothing […] Read More →

AdWords Basics: How Does Google Determine Landing Page Experience

Google AdWords users have good reason to create excellent landing pages. If the destination URL of an ad on Google fails to live up to expectations, visitors will head elsewhere. A good landing page, therefore, can encourage visitors to convert clicks into sales or subscriptions (or whatever action can be considered a conversion). But there […] Read More →

AdWords Basics: Campaign Start And End Dates

Google AdWords help is often sought by beginners and inexperienced pay-per-click (PPC) account managers who do not know how best to set up a campaign. The structure of an AdWords account is especially important when large campaigns or multiple ad groups need to be managed. One feature of AdWords that is often overlooked during the […] Read More →

How To PPC: What Is AdWords Campaign Experiments?

Google often refers to AdWords Campaign Experiments as simply ‘ACE’. As many pay-per-click (PPC) account managers soon discover – having consulted Google AdWords help – the acronym describes the free PPC tool perfectly. But what exactly is ACE? Experimentation As its name suggests, Campaign Experiments provides AdWords account managers with an opportunity to experiment with […] Read More →

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