How To Protect Your Bing Ads Account from Phishing


Taped-off poorly performing PPC account

Bing Ads has issued a phishing warning to users following an increase in phishing targeting Bing Ads using Google Search.

Tejas Gowda, programme manager at Bing Ads, provided his advice on how to prevent attacks in a blog post on July 10. According to Gowda, the top sponsored result on the Google SERPs for queries such as “Bing ads”, “Bing ads login” and “Bing ads sign in” directs unsuspecting users to a look-alike Bing Ads login landing page.

Big Ads has warned advertisers to be extra vigilant and not enter login credentials on these look-alike sites, as they can compromise the Bing Ads login credentials of advertisers.

Bing Ads Phishing

Reporting a Phishing URL

In response to the phishing threat, Micrsoft is encouraging advertising to report anything suspicious. Microsoft maintains a list of websites that are thought to be phishing, malware, or other malicious content. Users can report these websites through Internet Explorer and Google using the below steps.

Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer phishing report


Google phishing report

The Google phishing report is available here. Users simply verify that they are not a robot and click on “submit report.”

Three Tips for Staying Safe

Gowda says it is easy to safeguard your account credentials, provided you are vigilant. He lists three simple steps to protect yourself from phishing:

Bing's tips for phishing protection

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