How to Set Automated Rules for Bing Ads


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Sarah McCay takes you through the process of setting account automations using the new Automated Rules feature from Bing

The holiday season is fast approaching, but in addition to setting your ‘Out of Office’ response on your email, what other innovative automations can you put in place to ensure things run smoothly in your absence?

Well, Bing Ads may have the answer for your online ad campaigns. The search engine launched its Automated Rules tool at the start of June, enabling advertisers to pre-programme campaigns to run in their absence.

The new feature enables you to automate campaigns, ad groups, ads and keywords all through the Automate section of Bing Ads.

Bing Automated dashboard

There are several types of rules to schedule and automate:

Bing Automated dashboard

Setting Up an Automated Rule

If you find your campaigns are constantly reaching budget by the early afternoon you can set rules to help smooth this out and automate the process.

First, go to the Campaigns tab and click on Automate > Change budget when…

Bing Automated dashboard

  1. The “Apply to” option enables you to set the scope of the rule. You can select to have the rule run on all enabled campaigns, all campaigns, or only those you selected in the Campaigns tab.
  2. “Do this” allows you to clarify the rule action. For example, increase daily budget of campaigns by 20%. You can also increase or decrease budgets by a set numerical value.
  3. Alternatively, set a maximum campaign budget to stop the rule from setting the campaign budget too high.
  4. The “When” option enables you to specify the rule’s criteria. You can also filter options and performance data here. For example, if you only want this rule to apply to campaigns with a limited budget. Do this by selecting ‘Delivery contains Limited by budget.’
  5. Finally, schedule your automated rule with the “How often” option. This can be set to once, daily, weekly or monthly.
  6. You can also use the “How often” option to set the date range for any performance data that you want to filter on.
  7. Always name your rule so that you can easily identify it.
  8. Bing also enables you to set rules to notify you every time that the rule runs, if the rule attempts to make a change, if the rule resulted in an error, or not at all.

Always preview your changes before saving the rule to make sure you have defined your rule correctly.

Using automated rules, you can also set rules to

  • Start and stop a campaign for a special event
  • Avoid costs on poor performing keywords or ads
  • Keep your ads on the first page

Controlling Automated Rules

Click on Automate > Manage rules to edit existing rules and view logs for recently run rules. Here, you can edit, pause, enable, or delete any existing automated rules:

Bing Automated dashboard

Scroll down on this page to see the logs of all recently run rules:

Bing Automated dashboard

Whenever a rule runs, Bing generates a detailed report of all changes made by the rule. Click on “Details” to see this report:

Bing Automated dashboard

Bing reckons the whole process can take just five minutes, so what are you waiting for?

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